Great news, another poem has found a loving home.

I will have a prose poem published in an upcoming edition of The Broken Plate, a national literary magazine produced by Ball State University undergraduates each spring. The magazine features poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, art, book reviews and interviews. The poem is called The Algorithm of Desire. This will be my second engagement with The Broken Plate; they were kind enough to publish my poem Instructions in 2010. 

Huge thanks to Jeremy Flick & the other staff at The Broken Plate for giving me a chance to contribute.

Interview at the Spark Wheel Press Blog

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to play question and answer via email…the results of which appear on today’s entry on Spark Wheel Press’ blog.

Spark Wheel Press publishes burntdistrict, a journal dedicated to elevating public awareness of contemporary poetry and to the promotion of writers. I had the honor of having my prose poem Epiphany appear in the inaugural issue of burntdistrict earlier this year.

In the interview I talked a little about epiphanies in writing, my writing process, labels in the literary world, influences and other subjects. Huge thanks to the folks at Spark Wheel Press for the chance to do this interview with them, and to Deanna McElhatten for asking some very thought provoking questions (and for being patient as I crafted my responses). You can check out the interview by clicking here.

I-70 Review

The Summer/Fall 2012 issue of the I-70 Review just arrived in my mailbox. It contains contributions from Louie Crew, Kenneth Pobo, Shoshauna Sky, George Held, and Alex Stolis, among many others.

This issue of I-70 Review also includes my prose poem Anarchy. It is my second time being published in the I-70 Review and I truly appreciate the opportunity to again reach its audience. Thanks again to the staff who found my work worthy.


I will have a prose poem published in an upcoming edition of Ayris Magazine, a magazine of literature and art accepting work from everywhere and edited by the students at the New Hampshire Institute of Art.

The poem is called Migraine, and it is part of my manuscript, The Blues Almanac, which still needs a publisher, by the way (hint hint hint).

Huge thanks to Jenn Monroe & the staff of Ayris for thinking my work good enough.

Why Sarah Left Her Husband

Despite the seemingly eternal blog silence, yeah, I am still breathing. Which means I am still writing.

My prose poem Why Sarah Left Her Husband appears in the latest edition of The Poet’s Touchstone (Volume 55, Number 3, Summer 2012), a publication of the Poetry Society of New Hampshire. In addition, Why Sarah Left Her Husband also earned fourth place honors in the Poetry Society of New Hampshire’s National Poetry Contest for Summer 2012.

Judge Barbara Benoit said of the poem, “…an understated quality hovers in the darkness of this poem. We never see the room of images yet the reader is told everything.”

I am flattered; big thanks to the judge and the contest organizers.


The inaugural issue of burntdistrict is now out. It contains contributions from 40 writers, including Vikas Menon, Steve Langan, Francesca Bell, William Trowbridge, Jim Peterson, Sheila Black, Teri Grimm, Alex Lemon, Amy Hassinger, and John Stanizzi. This issue of burntdistrict also includes my prose poem Epiphany. Thanks again to the staff at burntdistrict who found my work worthy.

"Writer's Block" by Brother Ali.

Tight track. Brother Ali describes it perfectly in this song:

Sometimes I don’t write a lot
I know some folks call that writer’s block
I just call it my process
It comes out when it’s ready to, I guess

I don’t wanna let nobody down, so
Here’s some new shit, you tell me how it sounds
I ain’t tryin’ to be difficult or no shit
It just hurts too bad to try and force it...

Four things I want to blog about…

(1) I’m trying to post more on this site in 2012. Two posts in three days is a relative uptick in blog activity, or blogtivity (if I have permission to create another brainless web-based word like everyone else seems to do). I’m writing more in order to work my way out of a funk. Even though it’s not exactly creative writing, blog posts are a form of textual healing that might get me to the doorstep of where I need to be in terms of inspiration. At least that’s my theory.

(2) My prose poem The Inherent Discontent of Objects made a fashionable appearance in Clare Literary Journal Volume 12, Fall 2011. Clareis publication that is a joint effort between students and faculty in the Visual Art and English Departments at Cardinal Stritch University. I am happy to have the chance to contribute to this issue, alongside a host of talented writers and poets.

(3) My poem Bad Luck Sings the Blues took second place in the 2011 Burning the Midnight Oil Poetry Contest.No publication, but cash and encouragement are positive things. A big thanks to Amy Harke-Moore over at The Write Helper for deeming my work worthy of commendation.

(4) My prose-poem chapbook manuscript A Condensed History of Anger, with Footnotes was a finalist for the Gold Line Press poetry chapbook contest, but did not win the big prize and will not be published. Nonetheless, I am encouraged that it made it to the final round, and I’m determined to find a home for this manuscript in the New Year.

That’s all for now. Be good.

Apropos Literary Journal.

Apropos Literary Journal’s second edition is now live and can be viewed at

Apropos Literary Journal aims to dispel the commonly held notion that an online journal is less “literary” than a printed one. Through the use of an online environment, Apropos serves to elevate and facilitate the relationship between art and our digital culture by displaying artistic genres traditionally incompatible with the standard print journal.

My prose poem Memoir is in this issue and can be found at Thanks again to the staff at Apropos who found my work worthy of publication.

Switched-on Gutenberg.

Switched-on Gutenberg has announced the release of Issue 17, on the theme Accidental, which is online at

Poets in this issue include: Christianne Balk, Paul Barclay, Jessica Barksdale, Kate Bernardette Benedict, Larry Blazek, Laura Eklund, Kim Goldberg, Christine Hamm, Louisa Howerow, Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Naomi krupitsky, Mercedes Lawry, Sara Lier, Robin Lindley, Katharyn Machan, Kevin Miller, Julie L. Moore, Kathy Nelson, Geoff Pope, Adrian S. Potter, Charles Rammelkamp, Lorraine S Schein, Dave Seter, Emily Severance, Lynne Shapiro, Judith Skillman, Matina Stamatakis, Jeanne Wagner, Florence Weinberger, Mike White, Scott Wiggerman, Deborah Woodard, Melissa Scholes Young, Mary Zeppa, Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé

My prose poem Accident Prone is in this issue and can be found at

Year of the Prose Poem.

If you follow my writing and/or this blog, then you probably have noticed that I‘ve been writing a lot of prose poems lately, and those pieces are what I’ve been lucky enough to get accepted at journals. Which kinda makes 2011 the year of the prose poem, for me at least.

My prose poem Memoir will be published in the next edition of Apropos Literary Journal.

Ginger Piglet Press has accepted three of my prose poems for its next issue.

Huge thanks to the editors of these publications. I truly appreciate the love.

I Haven’t Posted in Awhile, But I’m Still Writing.


And I have proof. My poem Innovations in Violence will be included in the forthcoming Heyday Magazine Vol.1, Issue #2.

I'll have prose poems appearing in the upcoming November print edition of Insolent Aardvark.

Big thanks to the editors of these journals. I’ll post updates when these poems make their magnificent appearances and include more info about these journals.

As far as my manuscript goes…it’s still not accepted, but I’m not giving up. My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Be good.



My prose poem Accident Prone will be published online in Issue 17 of Switched-on-Gutenberg. This is my second engagement with Switched-on-Gutenberg.

My prose poem Epiphany shall appear in the first issue of burntdistrict, a new journal dedicated to elevating public awareness of contemporary poetry and to the promotion of our writers.

Thank you to the editors of these journals. So much appreciated, as always.

Of course I’ll post updates when these poems make their glorious debuts.

It’s been awhile since I posted, or 5 things that I want you to know

(1) My poem Excerpts from the Guide to Modern Survival has gathered some praise. It was a runner-up in the 2010 Princemere Poetry Contest, and earned honorable mention in the 9th Annual Saturday Writers One Page Poem Contest. I appreciate the love.

(2) My flash fiction piece Hush and poems Waning and Life is a Series of One-Hit Wonders will appear in Talking Stick 20. The Talking Stickis a Minnesotan collaboration of poetry, creative nonfiction and fiction, and is a publication of the nonprofit organization, The Jackpine Writers' Bloc. You can go to their website to find out more about how the Talking Stick started and what the group does. In addition, Hush received an honorable mention nod amongst the fiction entries this year, and Waning earned first place honors in poetry. I am flattered by all this; big thanks to the judges and editors.

(3) So far my full-length poetry manuscript, The Blues Almanac, has been rejected by no less than twenty publishers. I am hopeful though. This is a good book & I believe in it.

(4) I wrote two prose poems last week, and created some random scribbled thoughts this week. I think my writer’s block might be over. My work rate was almost nil since mid-January, so my creative side was struggling. Glad to be back on the horse.

(5) The weather in Minnesota stinks, except for today, but I am working too hard at the day job to enjoy the rare occurrence of sunshine outside. My inner Florida Evans is screaming, “Damn, damn, damn.”


I’ll have a prose poem published in Clare Literary Magazine, a journal published by the students and faculty of Cardinal Stritch University. The poem is called The Inherent Discontent of Objects, and it is part of my completed manusctipt, The Blues Almanac, which still needs a publisher, by the way (hint hint hint). Huge huge thanks to Abby Gambrel & the staff of Clare for thinking my work good enough.

Poem on Salamander Cove.

First published in the Foliate Oak Literary Journal, my poem Undone is now up on the poetry blog Salamander Cove.  This is my third appearance on Salamander Cove, and I am so happy to appear on there again. Take a sec and read Undone…along with all the other fine works on the blog – I promise that you can lose a couple hours reading these poems without feeling like you wasted a single minute.