Lit Mags for Your Reading Pleasure.

BuzzFeed has compiled a list of 29 amazing literary magazines we should all be reading.

And since my work has only appeared in one of these journals, this list can also double as a list of places I need to submit my work to. It’s good to have goals.


Top 20 Books People Lie About Having Read.

Do you have an unopened dusty copy of War and Peace or Catch 22 wedged shamefully in the back of your bookcase?

Take heart regarding your literary duplicity with this list from the BBC of the top twenty books people lie about having read (20% of which are by Charles Dickens)—and then slap those unread tomes on your bedside table, because 60% of those surveyed said being (or at least seeming) well-read made a person appear more attractive. I guess that may be the motivation for the lies.

This list is for the UK, but I have a feeling people are bluffing about reading these books in the US as well…

Secondhand Inspiration: Writer Podcasts

It can be easy to get a tad overwhelmed by all the podcasts that are out there. But here’s a useful list of podcasts that are recommended “for writers, word nerds, and book lovers.” Check out Crystal King’s post for Grub Daily. There’s bound to be a few podcasts on this list that will interest you, and maybe even motivate you.

The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2016.

There’s a boatload of great recommendations in this extensive post from The Write Life/Marisol Dahl on “The 100 Best Websites for Writers.”

As someone who looks at tons of writing blogs and websites on a daily basis, I was surprised at how many other helpful sites exist that I had never heard of before. This is definitely worth checking out…

Hartskill Review.

Volume 2, Issue 3 of the literary journal Hartskill Review is available for purchase. Hartskill Review is dedicated to publishing contemporary poetry crafted with thoughtfulness and care. It also contains reviews of poetry collections and chapbooks.

Among the works included in this issue are my poems “Craigslist” and “Entry from an Insomniac’s Dream Book.” I really appreciate the chance to contribute. Thanks to editor Joshua Hjalmer Lind for deeming my work worthy of publication.

Goal setting.

The focus in 2016 is to not allow my intermittent trickle of creative work get subsumed under the rising tide of other things – the day job and other general life stuff that inundates my existence.

To continue doing what makes me happy in terms of writing and creativity, and not what I feel like I should or shouldn't be doing…according to writing world, academia, friends, family, or others. I finally found my voice in 2015, and I don’t plan on shutting up just because that voice doesn’t match what’s popular in modern writing.

To create with purpose and goals, but not to let them become the master of me.

What are your goals – creative or other?

About Online Writing Courses.

On her blog, Christi Craig offers some thoughts on choosing online writing courses. I have been thinking about taking some online writing courses to jumpstart my literary these five points to consider are helpful and timely...hopefully you find them useful as well.