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Inscape Magazine.

Inscape is the Pasadena City College student literary magazine. PCC Students edit the literary magazine, market the magazine, design the magazine, and put it into print.

I am happy to announce that my prose poem “Everyone Has Motives” has been included in Inscape Online Volume 1 Issue 2 as part of “The 100.” “The 100” is a special feature of work inspired by the first 100 days of the current president’s administration.

I appreciate the chance to contribute to Inscape and to be able to voice my thoughts on the recent political climate.

Kansas City Voices.

Volume 13 of the literary journal Kansas City Voices is available for purchase. Kansas City Voices’ mission is to support artists and inspire new voices to contribute to the growing cultural conversation. They publish an annual eclectic mix of fiction, essays, interviews, articles, poetry, and art.

Among the works included in Volume 13 is my prose poem “No Black People Were Harmed in the Making of this Poem,” a poem touching on past and present day atrocities that America has inflicted on African-Americans. This is my second appearance in this journal, and I appreciate the chance to contribute. Thanks to editor Jessica Conoley and the staff at Kansas City Voices for deeming my work worthy of publication.

burntdistrict - Volume 3, Issue 2

burntdistrict is a journal of contemporary poetry published by the editors of Spark Wheel Press.

Volume 3, Issue 2 features work from Julie Brooks Barbour, Jackson Burgess, Adriana Cloud, Rebecca Connors, Thomas Cook, Tim Craven, Sage Curtis, Nandini Dhar, Katherine Frain, Natalie Giarratano, Charles Harper Webb, Lydia Havens, Matthew Huff, Cindy Hunter Morgan, Lillian Kwok, Diane Lockward, Adam Love, Greg Mahrer, Bill Neumire, Angelina Oberdan, Simon Perchik, Amy Plettner, Adrian Potter, Richard Prins, Kim Roberts, Todd Robinson, Steven D. Schroeder, Leah Sewell, Molly Sutton Kiefer, and William Trowbridge.

I’m blessed to have two prose poems in this issue, both pieces from The Alter Ego Handbook chapbook manuscript that I’ve been tinkering with incessantly. This is my third time appearing in burntdistrict and I appreciate the support and exposure this publication has provided. I’m only partway through reading this issue, but so far it has been an enjoyable read.

If I blogged more often, then I wouldn't need to do these long catch up posts...

So long time no update and I’ve been a bad, bad blogger.

But much has been afoot in the sea beneath the blog, the current under the silence. For instance:

  • Several chapbooks are nearly ready for submission. One may have enough momentum to become a full-length manuscript, depending on my attention span.
  • Two prose poems from one of the aforementioned chapbooks (tentatively titled The Alter Ego Handbook) were published in 2014 at burntdistrict. burntdistrict is a journal of contemporary poetry published by the editors of Spark Wheel Press. This is the 3rd time I’ve had work published by the journal, and Volume 3, Issue 2 is awesome – and I’m not saying that because my two trivial poems are in there. It’s truly a great read.
  • Three poems were finalists for 2014 Atlantis Award at the poet’s billow. You can read them here. No money, but it was great to be in the running for the award and to have my writing published on the poet’s billow website. Thanks to all involved with this award.
  • My poem Only the Moon Knows You’re Signing the Blues won first place in the 2014 Lebanon Poets’ Society Free Verse Poetry Contest.
  • I have many short stories in various states of construction. I’ll be finishing and revising them soon to get them ready for submittal. I have caught the fiction bug again. Who knows, maybe a novel is rattling inside of me?
  • I haven’t given up on my poetry manuscript The Blues Almanac. But I’m no longer letting that book not being published (yet) subliminally cause me to be creatively constipated. I’m partway into writing what will be my next poetry book, although the concept hasn’t fully bloomed yet. I’m looking forward to seeing where 2015 takes this potential book and the rest of my writing.

Broken record, but I’m going to be better at blogging and updates in the new year. If anything, it is another extension of my writing…and I definitely need the practice.

Happy New Year!



The Fall/Winter 2013 issue of Siren has appeared online. It contains my prose poems Damage Control and Signs of the Impending Apocalypse.

Siren is a new online zine for artists of all genres who create edgy and experimental work. They seek work that pushes boundaries, that surprises in terms of structure and content, that provokes a visceral response.

I truly appreciate the opportunity to reach Siren’s audience. Thanks again to the staff who found my work worthy. 



Ayris Magazine, a magazine edited by the students at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, will be publishing my prose poem Migraine soon.

Siren Magazine will be publishing two prose poems of mine, Damage Control and Signs of the Impending Apocalypse.

I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to both of these publications.

Not much more to report. Still writing and submitting and trying to get my creative vision out there. Oh, and trying to survive the holiday season, just like everyone else.

Some things I forgot to blog about…

(1) I will have two prose poems in “World’s End”, which will be the inaugural edition of The End Times. The End Times is a student run publication from the University of Illinois Springfield. Per their mission statement, it’s a literary magazine with a focus on distributing literature in a post-apocalyptic Midwest; a collection of poetry and prose signifying the challenges of maintaining humanity in the end of the world. I’m excited to contribute– thanks to the editors for choosing my work.

(2) The results of the 2013 Annual Whispering Prairie Press Writers’ Contest came out in early August 2013, and I was ecstatic to find out my poem Bad Luck Sings the Blues took third place. No publication, but cash and encouragement are positive things. Big thanks to the judges for deeming my work worthy of commendation.

(3) I’ve got a lot of love for Whispering Prairie Press this year.  In addition to the aforementioned 3rd place contest finish, their periodical Kansas City Voices published my poem How to Sing Under the Influence. Kansas City Voices’ mission is to discover, encourage, and promote creativity and communication through literature, art, and other forms of cultural expression. I am happy to be a part of Issue 11 of Kansas City Voices. If you get a chance to check out this periodical, I’d suggest it – the poetry, pictures, and fiction are all very engaging.

(4) Since I am behind in mentioning publications, I will play catch up on my year in print by mentioning that I had poetry and fiction included in Talking Stick Volume 22, two poems in the Vermillion Literary Project, and a prose poem featured in the Bare Root Review.

That’s all for now. Be good.

A Blues Primer.

burntdistrict is a literary journal dedicated to elevating public awareness of contemporary poetry and to the promotion of writers.  Volume 2 Issue 1 of burntdistrict will be out soon. It contains contributions from some amazing writers, including Dan Nowak, Francesca Bell, CM Burroughs, and others. This issue also includes my prose poem A Blues Primer. But I’m not just being biased when I say this issue is a great read from cover to cover. I’m keeping it real.

Thanks to the staff at burntdistrict who found my work worthy of publication. I appreciate the chance to contribute.