Links to selected poems, stories, and chapbooks appear below.

Poems Online

"Midwestern Meditation" at South Broadway Ghost Society

"Postlude" at The Tishman Review

"Tell Them a Story" and "I Am Hip Hop" at Triggerfish Critical Review

"Havoc" at Subprimal Poetry Art

"Karaoke Night" at SPANK the CARP

"Seventeen" at Zingara Poetry Review

"Nothing" at The Voices Project

"An Incomplete Understanding of Love, With Footnotes" and "About this Poem" at Jet Fuel Review

"How to Keep it Real When Everything Has Gone Wrong" at North American Review

"Everyone Has Motives" at Inscape Online

"The Mistake Poem", "Living is the New Dying", and "Obvious Dangers" at Portage Magazine

"Freedom Isn't Free and Neither Are We" at Rat's Ass Review

"Reporting Live from Portmanteaupia" at Switched-On Gutenberg

"Modern Love Story" at 8-West Press

"It Is What It Is" at Panopoly

"Sanctuary" at Subprimal Poetry Art

"An Algorithm for Grieving" at Birch Gang Review

"Is This Heaven?" and "Cabin Fever" at Portage Magazine

"Excerpts from the Guide to Modern Survival", "An Insomniac’s Lullaby", and "Noctuary" - Finalists for the 2014 Atlantis Award by the poet’s billow

"A Partial Inventory of Personal Excuses" at Switched-On Gutenberg

"Damage Control" and "Signs of the Impending Apocalypse" at Siren Magazine

"Innovations in Violence" at Heyday Magazine

"Depression" at The Prose-Poem Project

"Accident Prone" at Switched-On Gutenberg

"Mistakes" at What Light: This Week's Poem

"After the Funeral" at Switched-On Gutenberg

"When I Speak of Life" and "Burn Everything Down and Start Over" at Denver Syntax

Prose Online

"Cabin Fever", "Migrations", "Hopeless", "Deadbeat", "Role Model" and "Appearances" at A Quiet Courage

"Angry Black Guy Looks: A Guide For New Employees" at The Disappointed Housewife

"Pop Quiz" in Colere

"Details of an Author's Divorce" at Six Sentences

"What is Between Us" at ministories of MnArtists

"Good Service" - Honorable Mention, Desdmona's 2004 Fishnet Flash Contest

Books & Chapbooks

“Everything Wrong Feels Right” - Poetry collection published by Portage Press

“How To Feel The Funk” - Mini-chapbook published by The Origami Poems Project

"Survival Notes" - Winner of the 2006 Cervena Barva Press Fiction Chapbook Prize

"Facing the Future, Back to the Past" - Published by Meeting of the Minds Publications